Sensual Enterprise Resources

Sexual Equalism: Sensual Enterprise Products or Services to improve the planet we live in.

The concept of using community based business as a means to 'solving' some of the intractable sexual dysfunctions that affect so many societies in the world is a very powerful idea. It allows you to make a living from creating the change that you want to see in the world.

The problem with working with sexuality is that it is one of the most legally controlled aspects of human behavior. For example Sexual Surrogacy would be a great example of a Sensual Enterprise but in most of the world that is classified as prostitution and is thus illegal.

But while the law does forbid many ideas that work with sexuality it is not that way all over the world. For example in Amsterdam prostitution is illegal so a sexual surrogacy business could work there. San Diego is the Polyamory capital of the world so that would be a great city to do any sort of business that deals with open relationships.

This website offers ideas and resources for those who want to work positively in the field of sexuality. It is for those who enjoy working with sex but in a way that improves socialization in society rather than exploiting it.